Car sticker instructions

Step 1 - Cleaning

First make the surface dry, dust and grease free (degrease with, for example, amonia or alcohol). Make sure it is at least 12 degrees Celsius before you start applying the lettering. 

Step 2 - Position

Hang the lettering on the surface with 2 adhesive tapes. 

Step 3 - Align

Now place the lettering in the correct position, by measuring it on both sides and hanging it straight. Note that you measure up to the bottom of the letters and not the protective layer. 

Step 4 - Pivot point

Now apply a solid pivot point, on the right side of the lettering, with adhesive tape / tape. Also apply a piece of tape to the substrate at the bottom left as a target for application.

Step 5 - Remove backing

Fold the lettering to the right and carefully remove the thicker backing / back of the lettering.

Note: The adhesive letters remain on the transparent and sticky layer.

Step 6 - Apply lettering

Fold back the lettering, focus on the piece of tape at the bottom left.

Note: with moderate stress, gently fold the lettering back.
Apply the lettering firmly with a spatula, old bank card or dry cloth.

Step 7 - Removing the protective layer

Remove the transparent protective layer from the lettering. Carefully pull off the layer! If a letter sticks to the protective layer, rub the protective layer back and rub the letters firmly again.